What people are saying about Marilyn:


"You are a miracle worker.  Your coaching worked wonders. I had to voice a package yesterday, the first one since your lesson.  I actually enjoyed being in the booth, and I liked the way I sounded for the first time.  My boss/co-worker, the one who is so hard on me, actually complemented me and told me my voice sounded 'a thousand times better'  The thing is, I actually know what to do now to make it sound like that again. I finally feel good about my voice." 
Beth Ford, KOLO-TV, Reno, Nevada


Marilyn comes from a performance, news, and media production background. An accomplished commentator, producer, and talk show host, she brings her voice techniques to broadcasters throughout the country. Since 1989, she has worked with NPR stations and their hosts and announcers. Once a TV news anchor, she helps news pros in that medium with their performance skills. She also works with executives in Silicon Valley on their media and public speaking skills.

What she brings to each client is a depth of experience coupled with an inspiring and entertaining style. One of her signatures is showing announcers how to 'talk the copy'. She also helps talent identify weaknesses--whether it's projection or facial expression or pitch or tempo problems--and directs them to a better product.

But wait there's more... find out what broadcasters and managers say about working with Marilyn:

"I didn't realize how much of my everyday operation with announcers comes from YOU!!!!!   I am in the middle of releasing a troublesome announcer from their position.  It's one of those situations where the person believes that every aircheck is a personal attack on them and simply refuses to implement the ideas expressed. Then I listened to your presentation at last year's Music Conference and I realized I wasn't losing my mind. I'm doing the thing so many PD's let slide. THANKS so much for restoring my sanity in your inimitable way!!!" 

Florence Rogers, Program Director, KNPR, Las Vegas

"Marilyn gave each member of our on-air creative staff a sophisticated, dispassionate assessment of his or her performance and actionable suggestions about how they might improve. Her familiarity with public radio and even-handed patience with a broad range of staff strengths and weaknesses were important dimensions to our work with her.  The results were immediately apparent.  Her work provided a valuable framework for subsequent follow-up discussions."

Dave Kanzeg, VP Programming, WCPN, Cleveland

"Marilyn really cut through all the layers of excuses, alibis and justifications for what each announcer did  -- right to what the problem was -- and suggested ways to fix it!"

Suzanne White, GM, KBPS, Portland, OR

"One day with Marilyn Pittman made such a difference, that even my grandparents can tell the exact show where my voice and delivery shifted. Television producers are often accustomed to being behind-the-scenes. Marilyn gave me the tools to apply my journalistic skills to the screen, through expert voice coaching that gave me the confidence to do my own narration as a reporter."

Angela Morgenstern, KQED-TV, San Francisco

"One thing Marilyn stressed that really helps me is remembering to use everything at my disposal - body, breath, both sides of the brain, heart, soul, knowledge, and compassion, along with the basics of vocal production - pitch, rhythm, volume, and tempo. Knowing that I have all these 'colors on my palate' helps me feel good about what I do and helps me do it better. I realize I have more tools than I thought I did, and I have a better sense of how to use them."

Robert McBride, Midday Host/Producer, All Classical 89.9, Portland, OR


Put Marilyn to Work for You

Aircheck Critiques By Mail

This is a detailed, personalized audio critique of your on-air work. Send a CD of between 10 to15 minutes of your on-air work, along with the accompanying script, plus an SASE and a blank C-60 cassette. Marilyn will send you back a CD with your work on it that focuses on your individual obstacles as well as the overall techniques necessary to do good work: breathing, vocal dynamics, warm-ups, operative words.

Directing Voice Tracks By Phone Patch

This is an opportunity to have Marilyn guide you through recording voice tracks for a music show, a documentary, or a feature of any kind. After scheduling the session, fax her the script and she'll work through the copy with you over the phone just prior to recording. Then, patch her into the studio and she will direct you through the tracks to do your best work.

Talk Better Radio Workshops

Marilyn is available for on-site workshops tailored to your station's specific needs. They include comprehensive instruction on broadcast performance techniques with a focus on mic work in a lab setting.