"Marilyn Pittman is quick on the uptake and stiletto-sharp on the delivery."

The Washington Post

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"She has an easy relationship with her audience, an expressive face and a contagious laugh, a masterful command of different voices, and a Robin Williams-like energy."

Denver weekly

"Comic extraordinaire Marilyn Pittman is really, really funny, especially when she's extemporizing...her comic instincts are eminently reliable."
The San Francisco Weekly

Her fiery, intelligent brand of comedy has been seen in nightclubs and concert stages from Boston to Honolulu since 1991. Her hilarious insights about "growing and learning" which include relationships, the New Age, and therapy, run parallel to her observations on the absurdities of modern life, including Pepcid AC, television news, and road rage.

Her performing credits include Ron Howard's 1999 film "Ed TV". She stars in two nationally-distributed videos: "All Out Comedy" and "Out For Laughs"; and is featured in two books, "A Funny Time To Be Gay", by Ed Karvoski, Jr., and "Revolutionary Laughter" by Roz Warren. She was a guest on "The Durst Amendment", a 1997 PBS political comedy special.





"Thank You For Sharing", her first solo show, premiered at Josie's Cabaret in San Francisco in 1993. In 1996, San Francisco's Solo Mio Theatre Festival presented her second solo show, "But Enough About You", a hilarious high-tech trip through the life of a new wave, new age, boomer capitalist.

In 1991, she was given the G.L.A.A.D. Media Award and in 1992 was nominated for Entertainer of the Year at the San Francisco Cable Car Awards. Currently, she is a radio commentator for NPR station KQED in San Francisco. As a voice actor, her client list includes Lucasfilm, Sony, and AT&T. The 1992 Academy Award-winning film, "Deadly Deception: General Electric, Nuclear Weapons, and Our Environment" features Marilyn's voice as the Narrator. She also coaches broadcasters and Silicon Valley executives in performance techniques.