"Marilyn has helped a number of our clients with their media and language skills. Her work is vital to improving investor relations."


Deborah Stapleton, Stapleton Communications


Since 1994, Marilyn Pittman has been working with executives in Silicon Valley on their media and speaking skills. With her background in theatre and experience in the news media, she is an expert at coaching corporate leaders in presenting themselves and their companies to the media, business, and investment communities.

Her style reflects her own performance career; she is dynamic, focused, and fun to work with. A typical session may include a critique of the executive on videotape, if available; a short, intensive course in performance technique relevant to the individual's needs; and a videotaped rehearsal of an upcoming appearance, whether it's an industry speech, a television interview, or a conference call with analysts.

She is also adept at helping each executive create stimulating and effective language to communicate the company's message. In coaching executives for industry speeches, she ensures that the presentation is concise, persuasive, and informative. In working on television appearances for CNBC, CNN, and other financial channels, she shows her clients how to use the medium to their best advantage. For analyst calls, the focus is on how to communicate the company's strengths in a confident manner.

More on Marilyn

Marilyn Pittman's broadcasting career spans over twenty years. She has been a talk show host, reporter, news anchor, narrator, and writer. She continues her performing work as a stand-up comic and voice-over actor. She can be seen in Ron Howard's 1999 film, "EdTV", and heard on NPR station KQED in San Francisco as a commentator. Since 1990, she has been the leading voice coach for National Public Radio stations. Her current client list includes Intel, Owen Media, Silverstein, Thomas, Rice & Associates, and Stapleton Communications.